[Playlist] We need to reset the site

Thomas B. Ruecker thomas at ruecker.fi
Mon Aug 30 09:10:25 UTC 2021


On 30/08/2021 11:55, Evan Boehs wrote:
> I am having issues with my mail not showing up in the archives, 
> however am willing to believe it's an issue with tuta (will be 
> converting to a domain soon enough) (I am currently adding whoever I 
> am replying to to the send field in addition to playlist).
> The gitlab would be fine. I had suggested GitHub souly because I am 
> more familiar with it, but I am open to any version control

The Address ewn at tuta.io was not subscribed to the mailing list.
The mailing list has 'generic_nommember_action' set to 'discard' - this 
means any mails from sender addresses that are not subscribed will be 
discarded immediately and not held for moderation. I guess this has been 
set due to the mounting spam level in moderation queues on 
lists.xiph.org. I added this address to the subscribers.

Everyone who wants to participate in this - please let us know your 
gitlab.xiph.org account name so that we can enable full access to your 
The default account settings are restrictive due to high spam attempts, 



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