[Playlist] We need to reset the site

Lucas Gonze lucas at gonze.com
Sun Aug 29 23:24:43 UTC 2021


I will happily support all of the above, except that the username xspf is
beyond my control. There is a Xiph.org organization already on GitHub -
that is a good place to start. Would that work for you?

I'd like to stop using this mailing list since spam filtering is
impossible, and dealing with spam manually isn't a good use of my time.
Let's move the community to GitHub. In the meantime, a CC list might help.

CC'ing Monty Montgomery (Xiph lead) for feedback. Monty, if Evan agrees,
could we create these repos in https://github.com/xiph ?

On Sun, Aug 29, 2021 at 3:57 PM Evan Boehs <ewn at tuta.io> wrote:

> Thank you for this notice Lucas.
> I was searching for a playlist format that was more metadata focused, and
> I found xspf, and was saddened by the lack of modernization. I think a
> rewrite of the website to cater to our new world is a wonderful idea, and
> would be happy to help.
> Provided you are still in need of change, I have a few things I would like
> to ask of you
> 1. Clear licencing must be established
> Your website has no licence I could find, and the specification licence is
> a tad bit restrictive. We should discuss relicensing the specification at
> the very least
> 2. A git repository should be created
> One for the specification, and one for the website (perhaps under an
> organization, with your consent I want to request the GitHub username xspf)
> (perhaps the repository exists, but I could not find it)
> 3. I want your consent
> Obviously, I will be involving you in the redesign, and changes will pass
> your eye. I just want you to promise me you will be welcome to
> collaboration and that you will be responsive (within reason)
> ---
> Once at the prerequisite 3 and 2 are met, I will begin work on designing
> the website. We can discuss the actual design of the site on this mailing
> list or GitHub, whatever you prefer.
> ---
> I am excited for the future of this project and want to do my very best to
> see it florish.
> Cheers to a bright future
> Evan
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