[Playlist] Getting additional fields added to XSPF?

Robert Kaye rob at metabrainz.org
Tue Feb 25 11:13:29 UTC 2020

> On Feb 25, 2020, at 11:26, Nicholas Humfrey <njh at aelius.com> wrote:
> Alternatively, can anyone suggest a music metadata standard, for exchanging metadata as a file, that is better suited to this task?
> The ones I am aware of are:
> - the Music Ontology
> - DDeX
> Is there anything else I have missed?  MusicBrainz provides a mechanism for querying for music metadata, but it does not specify an exchange format.

Yeah, we tried that back in the day, but it was a futile effort. From what I can see, DDEX is doing the best work in this field, so I would suggest going with them.



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