[Playlist] Nested Playlists, Embedded User Fields

Kace Ong kaceong at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 00:32:53 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am a DJ for 17 years so I use playlist extensively.
Please allow me to make some suggestions.

1. In my field (tango music) we often use a
set of 4 songs as one element (tanda), and
separate each tanda with another interlude song

While I can store the entire playlist as one file,
I really would prefer a simple way to embed
playlist in playlist.

2. Are there any extensible user defined fields in
XSPF that a DJ can add his own app-specific notes?
We frequently add information about speed and
volume changes to specific points in a playlist.

3. If there is a way to embed user-defined fields or
scripts in playlist, then we can create apps that can
drive two engines, like one music and one digital control,
so we can perhaps use one playlist format to store
everything we need to automate a stage production.

Forgive my ignorance if any of these are solved

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