[Paranoia] cdparanoia 10.2 crashes system during drive detect

Glenn Golden gdg at zplane.com
Wed Dec 31 10:11:19 PST 2008

Fellow 'noids,

I recently attempted to upgrade from cdparanoia 9.8 (which I've been using
successfully for years on a variety of systems) to 10.2.  Alas, 10.2 seems
to be causing hard, 100% reproducible crashes during drive detection, even
running the static binary from the xiph website.

I've done my homework on the website (bug reports, "troubleshooting" section,
mailing list) and googled of course, but have not seen any mention of this.

To display the behavior under "fair" (i.e., identically-built) conditions,
I downloaded the static binaries for both 9.8 and 10.2, and ran them both.
Results comparison shown below, along with some random commentary at the end.

I will be happy to send more detailed system info or perform any additional
experiments that you wish in order to help diagnose the problem.

Thanks for any help, and thanks for creating cdparanoia in the first place.
It's a superb tool, and IMHO exemplifies what great free SW is all about.


Glenn Golden

Behavior of cdparanoia-III-alpha9.8.i386-linux-elf -vsQ (static version
from xiph website), executed as normal user:

    nu$> ./cdparanoia-III-alpha9.8.i386-linux-elf -vsQ
    cdparanoia III release 9.8 (March 23, 2001)
    (C) 2001 Monty <monty at xiph.org> and Xiphophorus

    Report bugs to paranoia at xiph.org

    Checking /dev/cdrom for cdrom...
	    Testing /dev/cdrom for cooked ioctl() interface
		    /dev/scd0 is not a cooked ioctl CDROM.
	    Testing /dev/cdrom for SCSI interface
		    generic device: /dev/sg1
		    ioctl device: /dev/scd0

    Found an accessible SCSI CDROM drive.
    Looking at revision of the SG interface in use...
	    SG interface version 3.5.33; OK.

    CDROM model sensed sensed: HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4242N 0J05 

    Checking for SCSI emulation...
	    Drive is ATAPI (using SCSI host adaptor emulation)
	    Couldn't disable kernel command translation layer

    Checking for MMC style command set...
	    Drive is MMC style
	    DMA scatter/gather table entries: 127
	    table entry size: 32768 bytes
	    maximum theoretical transfer: 1769 sectors
	    Setting default read size to 13 sectors (30576 bytes).

    Verifying CDDA command set...
	    Expected command set reads OK.

    Table of contents (audio tracks only):

Operation is normal from this point.  The only unusual behavior are numerous
warnings like this in the syslog while doing rips:

    sg_write: data in/out 26/26 bytes for SCSI command 0x5a--guessing data in;
    program cdparanoia not setting count and/or reply_len properly

Despite these warnings, track ripping appears entirely normal.

Behavior or cdparanoia-III-10.2.i386-linux-elf -A (static version from
xiph website) executed as normal user or as root. Example below shows
results obtained running as root, from console window:

    root at nu: ./cdparanoia-III-10.2.i386-linux-elf -A
    cdparanoia III release 10.2 (September 11, 2008)

    Using cdda library version: 10.2
    Using paranoia library version: 10.2
    Checking /dev/cdrom for cdrom...
	    Testing /dev/cdrom for SCSI/MMC interface
		    SG_IO device: /dev/scd0

[That's it.  After about 30 seconds, death:  Symptoms: Hard freeze, cursor
stops blinking, no keyboard response, no indication of disc or Ethernet
activity, no panic messages, no nothing.  After reboot, system logs contain
no hint of what might have happened.]

A few random observations:

  * System basic info: Thinkpad T43, CentOS 4-1.2, upgraded to 2.6.17 kernel.

  * CD drive info as reported by 9.8 above.

  * During the 30-second pre-death period (after the "SG_IO device: /dev/scd0"
    message appears, but before the freeze) I'm unable to ^C out of cdparanoia,
    but system operation in other respects generally appears normal.  For
    example, I had enough time to cut-n-paste the above pre-crash text into
    another console window and write it to a file before it froze.

  * My locally-built version of 9.8 (which I've been using for years, built
    sources in 2003 I think) also works fine, but does not seem to generate
    the "not setting count..." warnings.  I only see those messages with the
    9.8 static version from the xiph website.

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