[Paranoia] CD without TOC, apparently

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 03:33:15 PST 2006

(warning: possibly noob-ish question follows)
I am attempting to rip a CD of 'The Murder Ballads' (Nick Cave and the
Bad Seeds). cdparanoia -B tells me:
004: Unable to read table of contents header

Unable to open disc.  Is there an audio CD in the drive?
The obvious answer becomes, 'yes there is' - it works fine on a dying
stereo (hardware probably as old as consumer CDs). Also, it doesn't
appear to be my hardware, since a different CD rips perfectly on this

What could cause this to happen? My thoughts stray to copy protection,
although I would have thought that that would interfere with the
stereo (and, I do believe - though I can't be sure - that I copied
this CD on a Windows machine a few years ago).

Lennon Victor Cook
"He who receives an idea from me receives without lessening, as he who
lights his candle at mine receives light without darkening" - Thomas

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