[paranoia] Drive recommendation, and error correction

James Mansion james at westongold.com
Fri Sep 28 07:36:27 PDT 2001

I note that various major labels are starting to
distribute CDs which have deliberate error patterns
that cause CD players to interpolate.

Can/will paranoia be able to interpolate in the same

Is it necessary to use drives with a particular capability
to achieve this?

I find that the 20x CD-ROM in my Gateway 9100 will
reliably fill every status with '+' (well, except for
the odd '!') and ripping takes an age.  The results
are OK, it has to be said.

Can anyone recommend a drive that will rip quickly
and reliably?

I'd like to replace the front end of my hifi with a
DSP solution, but getting at the audio data is proving
harder than I expected.


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