[paranoia] Track '0' problem

bvdpoel at uniserve.com bvdpoel at uniserve.com
Sun Nov 4 18:36:46 PST 2001

John Morton wrote:

> It could be the case that these cds really do have a track 0 as a hidden
> track. Unfortuneately it seems that many cdroms have problems reading that
> track as their existance breaks the red book(?) standard - hence the track is
> zero sized. I had problems ripping the hidden track at the begining of ep7 by
> Autechre for that reason.
> Try putting the offending cd into a regular cd transport, press play, then
> reverse back a track to see if one exists.
> John

Well, that's a thought...

Okay, I tried on my office CD player and it just backs to track 10. I
tried in a DVD player as well and it just doesn't do anything if you
backup before track 1. So, probably not... I would doubt this to be the
case with the CDs I have anyway. The ones I had earlier were old jazz
collections (things like the 'The Best Of Verve'...or something like
that) and the one I have today is Alabama/Mountain Music.

The other interesting point is that cdparanoia -Q doen't show track 0
either. It, correctly, lists the tracks as 1 to 10 with the apropriate
offsets. I'm wondering if the -B option is broken?

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