[Paranoia-announce] Prerelease of Cdparanoia 10.0

Christopher Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 10:00:01 PDT 2006

Hello all,

Cdparanoia 10pre0 is now up at xiph.org as a test release of the
upcoming 10.0, the first official release of cdparanoia in five years.
 This release marks a return of cdparanoia to active development here
at xiph.org.

The 10.0 release brings cdparanoia up to date with bugfixes, submitted
patches and kernel interface changes over the period since the release
of 9.8 back in 2001.  Most importantly, cdparanoia adds official
support for SG_IO.  There are no new features in this release; it's
intended to bring the project up to date before resuming development.

Please test this release, especially against hardware previously known
to work well; this is a prerelease and has not seen wide regression
testing (especially againsttrue  SCSI devices on 2.6 kernels).  As
always, please report bugs to paranoia at xiph.org.

Note that the SG_IO support in this version is somewhat different than
the SG_IO support patch originally written by Peter Jones here at
RedHat; the RedHat/Fedora versions of 9.8 are heavily patched compared
to the stock source.  When reporting bugs/comparisons, please be sure
to clearly state what version and distibution your cdparanoia is from.

Also, the included debian and redhat packaging files have not yet been
updated; package maintainers will have to get to that before updated
packages can be built.  For now, please build from the build system
(configure/make), not your distributions package tools.

Happy hacking!


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