[opus] Is there a latency difference between uncompressed UDP (ie Jacktrip) and Opus?

Matt Keys matt at mattkeys.net
Mon Jun 14 00:13:59 UTC 2021


I'm trying to find any existing documentation or test results of latency differences between using Opus and uncompressed audio UDP streams such as Jacktrip. I have posted my question to the Jacktrip users group here:


As well as to my general telephony network on LinkedIn here:


The underlying question being -- which (opus stereo at 48k or uncompressed UDP) is best for lowest latency and highest quality audio while assuming the endpoints are physically distant? As far as I can tell Jacktrip recommends max distance of 250 miles or less between clients, and "Research suggests it's very difficult to perform music with a delay greater than 25 milliseconds".

I welcome suggestions on how to benchmark this latency difference, if any. I was thinking about using jack_iodelay and a loopback between audio in and audio outputs while using baresip + jack + opus.


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