[opus] http stream seek

Wu Guoshun guoshun.wu at al-enterprise.com
Wed Feb 17 09:03:14 UTC 2021

Hi opusfile developers,

Recently, when I use the opusfile library to seek a file that located on our
http server. The API reported that it was not seekable.

I found that it was because of the library send
http/1.0 request by default as below in http.c: op_http_stream_open when I dig a little deeper.

/*Send HTTP/1.0 by default for maximum compatibility (so we don't have to
   re-try if HTTP/1.1 fails, though it shouldn't, even for a 1.0 server).
  This means we aren't conditionally compliant with RFC 2145, because we
   violate the requirement that "An HTTP client SHOULD send a request
   version equal to the highest version for which the client is at least
   conditionally compliant...".
  According to RFC 2145, that means we can't claim any compliance with any
   IETF HTTP specification.*/
ret|=op_sb_append(&_stream->request," HTTP/1.1\r\n",11);
/*Remember where this is so we can upgrade to HTTP/1.1 if the server
   supports it.*/

It was OK after I changed this to http/1.1 and tried again.
As far as I known, the “Accept-Ranges” feature is defined in http 1.1

And I know that the http stream seek feature is depend on
The range requests. If we made http 1.0 requests by default, it
may make some http servers that support range requests cannot
seek the stream(like our case, you could use the following commands
to test this:

curl -I --http1.0  http://server/avstudy_resources/ogg/txh.opus

curl -I --http1.1  http://server/avstudy_resources/ogg/txh.opus

As http 1.1(even http2) is widely used nowadays, can you change this
to http 1.1 instead? Or at least, provide a compile MACRO that give
users an option to choose default http request version.



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