[opus] OPUS decode chip?

Nemo me at captnemo.in
Tue Nov 24 19:12:08 UTC 2020


I was looking for a chip that does OPUS decoding directly in hardware, 
similar to how the VS1053[0] does OGG/MP3.

I'm new to electronics, so I'm not even sure how one goes about this 
usually. I've been searching for "OPUS" at various places and so far 
haven't found anything.

Does such a thing exist? I saw OPUS mentioned as "in-progress" on the 
VLSI Firmware page[1] but that was last updated in 2019 July.

There seems to be a reference implementation at TI[2], but that requires 
a full development kit.

Should I just give up and use a MP3 chip instead? The DFPlayer chip[3] 
looks like an easy option.


[0]: http://www.vlsi.fi/en/products/vs1053.html

[1]: http://www.vlsi.fi/en/support/software/vs1005firmwarestatus.html

[2]: https://www.ti.com/tool/TIDEP0036#technicaldocuments

[3]: https://wiki.dfrobot.com/DFPlayer_Mini_SKU_DFR0299

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