[opus] How can I use static mode 16k?

吴佳健 j2wzx336 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 09:33:59 UTC 2020

    I want to encode a audio to opus, the audio is 16KHz, 16bits, 1
channel. I use the libopusenc and libopus, and I found the audio will be
resampled to 48KHz first, I want to avoid the resample to save MIPS.
    I found a static_mode_list in libopus/celt/static_modes_fixed.h which
only include mode48000_960_120, I generate another mode
called mode16000_320_40 by libopus/celt/dump_modes/dump_modes.c, and do
some modify in code like follows:
--- a/celt/celt_encoder.c
+++ b/celt/celt_encoder.c
@@ -128,9 +128,10 @@ struct OpusCustomEncoder {
    /* opus_val16 energyError[],  Size = channels*mode->nbEBands */

-__sys__ int celt_encoder_get_size(int channels)
+__sys__ int celt_encoder_get_size(opus_int32 Fs, int channels)
-   CELTMode *mode = opus_custom_mode_create(48000, 960, NULL);
+   opus_int32 rate = (Fs == 16000) ? Fs : 48000;
+   CELTMode *mode = opus_custom_mode_create(rate, rate / 50, NULL);
    return opus_custom_encoder_get_size(mode, channels);
    These are only apart of my modify, I also remove the resample in
opusenc.c .
    The output sounds like it works but the amplitude has be changed.Am I
do it wrong?
[image: image.png]

Bset Regards.
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