[opus] Stop opusenc from generating any comments?

Terence Eden terence.eden at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 10:48:34 UTC 2020

The opusenc tool automatically adds metadata - even if you don't specify
For example, these tags are created by default on my files:
ENCODER=opusenc from opus-tools 0.2
ENCODER_OPTIONS=--bitrate 6 --comp 10 --framesize 60 --padding 0

I've tried using `--discard-comments` but that has no effect.
I've tried using `--comment ENCODER=` but that adds a duplicate tag.

My limited knowledge of C suggests that the following lines in opusenc.c
are where the magic happens:

So, would it be possible to add a `--no-metada` option to completely
suppress any metadata from being written?

I realise this is a niche requirement! I'm trying to create tiny audio
files where every byte saved is important. I can use Mutagen to remove the
metadata, but I'd like a way not to add it in the first place.

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