[opus] opus multi-channel compress

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Tue May 28 09:36:29 UTC 2019

On Apr 19 18:33:47, zhuangweiji at foxmail.com wrote:
> I tried to compress audio with opus recently, which works fine on mono and stereo data .
> But I want to compress 6 channels pcm with opus, I have not found an interface that compresses multi-channels.
> 1、Is there a multi-channel compression interface?
> If so, where is it, and how can I call it?
> If it doesn't exist, how can I modify it to make it support 6 channels?


$ sox -b 16 -n file.wav synth 10 \
	sin 100 sin 200 sin 300 sin 400 sin 500 sin 600 gain -3

$ opusenc file.wav file.opus

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