[opus] Performance comparison between Opus Custom and Standard modes

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Sun May 26 17:45:25 UTC 2019

Hi Rafael,

Basically, most of the Opus tuning gets done with the "standard" modes,
so Opus custom receives much less testing. In practice, the quality will
vary based on the exact settings you use. In general, it's best to use
the standard mode for many reasons (including compatibility), but if you
can't for some reason, then that's what custom modes are for. Just make
sure you do more testing because we don't test those much.


On 2/22/19 3:42 AM, Rafael Paiva wrote:
> Dear Opus Experts,
> I am interested in an application where I should aim for the lowest
> possible latency. 
> At the moment, I can be flexible in adjusting the frame sizes of the
> application for what is provided by the Standard mode but I have
> existing implementation using Opus Custom mode. 
> So my question is: if I can use frame sizes according to Opus Standard
> mode, is there a performance reason (like latency, complexity, or
> support of the algorithms), should I avoid Opus Custom mode and migrate
> to Opus Standard?
> What is the difference between the two modes if I am already using CELT
> in terms of CPU, latency, or audio quality for encoder + PLC?
> Thanks in advance for your attention, 
> Best regards,
> Dr. Rafael Paiva
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