[opus] help for decode 9-channels opus file

wangjinhui at sinemedia.com wangjinhui at sinemedia.com
Tue Mar 26 06:37:30 UTC 2019

Hi, Dear alls
    I had encounted a problem in using opus-tool-0.2-opus-1.3(download from www.opus-codec.org, Win64 binaries: opus-tools-0.2-win64.zip). First, I use opusenc to generate a opus file which input is a 9-channels wav file. The opusenc can work. Then, I use opusdec to transform the generated opus file to wav file, but opusdec can't work. I received the error message: failed to open 'test-9ch.opus'.
    Could you help me for this probelm? Thanks!
    Here is my command:
    opusenc test-9ch.wav test-9ch.opus
    opusdec test-9ch.opus test_9chopus.wav

Best Regards!
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