[opus] Opus-tools for split and merge

nji9 at arcor.de nji9 at arcor.de
Tue Jul 23 07:59:14 UTC 2019


I would like to ask if there are any chances for a tool for
splitting an opus-file at a given position,
and save the parts (as opus) without re-encoding
(i.e. no quality loss).
And vice versa:
Merge two given opus file into one (if prerequisites hold).

opussplit opusFile hh:mm:ss,ss ---> opusFileSplit1 opusFileSplit2
opusmerge opusFileA opusFileB ---> opusFileAMerge

For mp3 and aac this is available, but I found no hint about opus.
(Just in the code:

It would be quite a help for using the opus format.

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