[opus] OPUS at Texas Instruments C6418

Robert Madinger rmadinger at avt-nbg.de
Fri Oct 19 15:37:34 UTC 2018

Dear Opus family,

we have implemented the Opus codec at a Texas Instruments DSP C6418.
It is working fine!

Does anyone has experience with the configuration of the codec for a speed optimized implementation on that DSP?
At the moment, we use the following settings:

#define NONTHREADSAFE_PSEUDOSTACK                           1
#define FIXED_POINT                                                                   1
#define DISABLE_FLOAT_API                                                     1
#define OPUS_BUILD                                                                    1
#define CONFIG_TI_C6X                                                              1

Are there any better or further possibilities to get a speed optimized code on the TI C6418?
Code size is less relevant.

Many thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Robert Madinger
AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH
Nordostpark 91 | D-90411 Nuernberg
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Managing Director:  Wilfried Hecht
Registered Office:   Nuernberg, HRB 14317
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