[opus] "opus will be very slow" message

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Tue May 8 15:56:04 UTC 2018

Chris McGowan wrote:
> I'm also interested in this warning as I have received it when compiling
> libopus for WebAssembly using Emscripten and have an open ticket (just
> saw that you responded to it, thanks for that!)

This happens when you compile without -O2 or any other optimization 
setting above -O0. This just controls general compiler optimizations, 
and the check is not specific to x86. The warning is there because 
people often create their own build system (which is fine), but don't 
manage to get their CFLAGS set correctly and then complain that Opus is 
slow (which is less fine).

If your compiler is pretending to be gcc but doesn't define __OPTIMIZE__ 
when you enable optimizations, please file a bug against that compiler. 
In the mean time, if you are sure you are passing the proper 
optimization flags, feel free to silence the warning with a -D option.

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