[opus] Opus implementation on Nordic chip

Nicolas Ehrenberg nicolas.ehrenberg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 17:41:14 UTC 2018


I’m currently trying to implement the Opus codec on a nRF 52 DK (from Nordic). One main goal of my project is a low power application that can record and send audio data (16+ kHz) over BLE. Therefore, the Opus audio codec would be suitable to encode audio data, send it over BLE and decode it on another chip.

Unfortunately, I have some trouble implementing it. 
There are different parts to the opus codec (libopus, opusfile, …). Which one is suitable for a “simple” encode\decode application for an MCU?
How can I compile the library on Windows 10 (using MinGW)? 

What is the minimum code size (or an easily reachable minimum size) for an opus implementation?, The absolute maximum available space per chip would probably be 250kB.



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