[opus] Is this the best method to keep audio quality when converting MP3 to opus?

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Fri Jun 1 09:28:08 UTC 2018

On Jun 01 13:46:11, farhadbenyamin at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hello, I have a large collection

How large?

> of audio files contains music in mp3
> format, due to need to free space of hard disk, I need to reduce their
> size.

You most probably don't. Buy yourself a bigger disk,
it's dirt cheap nowadays.

> It seems opus is the best format for this purpose, in order to have the
> quality of original mp3 files, currently I use ffmpeg command to
> convert them to FLAC and then use opusenc, the official opus encoder,
> to convert FLAC files to opus.

You will spend a lot of CPU time doing that,
depending on how large your collection is.

> By using one standard and good quality headphone, My ears don't notice
> any difference between original mp3 files versus new opus files.
> 1. Is this the best method to keep audio quality when converting lossy
> audio to another lossy audio?

Converting from one lossy format to another is a bad idea in general.

> 2. Is there any quailty loss in this method?

They are both lossy formats, so yes, there is a loss.

> if yes, is it noticeable? how much is it?

It depends.


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