[opus] Developing OPUS on TI CC3220

Rodriguez, Vince vince.rodriguez at ti.com
Tue Feb 20 22:46:56 UTC 2018

Hello All,

I'm looking to try to port a Opus Decoder and Encoder onto the TI CC3220SF (http://www.ti.com/product/CC3220) device. Currently, I have successfully been able to get the decode working for a .ogg file saved locally to the serial flash. My end goal is bidirectional audio using OPUS between two devices. While looking into the documentation for the Encoder, I was not sure what the best step forward would be in trying to enable this streaming application.

Can someone give me a little guidance on how to properly setup the encoder for streaming applications, and if I need to do anything special to ensure the encoder works correctly on an ARM M4 (not Floating point) MCU?


Vince Rodriguez

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