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Fri Aug 31 02:19:23 UTC 2018

If you use an Arduino Due, or any other ARM Arduino, your work is already
mostly done for you: https://github.com/Palatis/arduino-opus

I have no idea what the relative power of the TMS320C6713 is, I can't find
applicable benchmarks anywhere, but if its higher clock rate translates to
more real speed, you may be able to get better quality out of it. In this
case, you need to figure out how to import Opus code into its IDE, figure
out whether it has a useful FPU or not and build accordingly, then identify
any remaining hot points and develop algorithms optimized for the
architecture & compiler.

For a commercial project I'd recommend battle-tested ARM all day long, but
if you intend to research the state of the art, dipping into the unknown
with the TMS320C6713 is certainly a more interesting project.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 11:38 AM Chinmaya Panda <chinu.giet09 at gmail.com>

> Respected Sir/Madam,
> I am working as  Research Scholar at IIT, Bhubaneshwar, which is one of
> the pioneer educational organization in India. ( http://www.iitbbs.ac.in
> )
> My assigned task is to transfer voice signal (Audio in future) over
> wireless sensor network.
> I have Arduino DUE, Arduino Mega, TMS320C6713 DSP board, TMS320F28379D
> Lunch pad, FPGA boards and necessary
> Microphone, filter, amplifier, speaker, Zigbee, bluetooth and other
> required electronics modules.
> I am able to transmit raw audio samples through Arduino Due and Zigbee
> modules. The audio quality in receiving side is very poor,
> so I have hope that if I can implement some compression algorithms then I
> can transmit audio/voice with perceptual accuracy.
> I came across few compression techniques, and found that Opus is the
> latest and futuristic technique, so suitable for me.
> Now I have to start implementing same over any one of my module for
> testing, but with correct learning approach.
> I need your suggestions and help to accomplish the task, as I am
> completely a new technologist in this domain.
> 1- Which board is most suitable, from my above list (Is Arduino Due
> Suitable, or TMS320C6713 ?)?
> 2- How should I start implementing compression techniques(Should I start
> directly from Opus or some CELT algos?)?
> 3- How to get compressed short audio bitstream, so that I can transmit
> over WSN?
> Hope my communication is clear to you. In case any requirement is there
> then I am ready to reply.
> Thanking you.
> Regards
> Chinmaya Panda
> cell-8599850989
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