[opus] Global stack on Cortex-M4

Eric eric at wiebols.se
Wed Oct 18 20:40:58 UTC 2017

Hi all !

I just learned about the Opus codec and would like to try it out on my 
NRF52 (Cortex-M4) target.   I've been struggling a bit with the 
"trival_example.c" setup but repeatedly run into "hard fault" crashes 
when stepping through the code.

Firstly; for a "bare bone" configuration, does the following compiler 
directives make sense ?

          -D'opus_alloc(x)=NULL' -D'opus_free(x)=NULL'

Secondly; With the "overide" directives above no dynamic memory 
allocation is supposed to happen. However, the following call chain 
(obviously)  cause a crash:


Is this a bug or what am I missing here ?

Any advise on how to get a basic encode/decode example working would be 
most appriciated.

Thanks !


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