[opus] how to compress 93gb speech mp3 files to opus files

Guddla Rupesh rupeshforu3 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 12:51:18 UTC 2017

I have converted 93 GB of mp3 speech files to opus using dbpoweramp with
settings 16 kbps bitrate,48000 sample rate,channels count set to 1 ie.,

80 percent of the files are same in quality with source files and 20
percent are poor in quality compared with source files. Poor quality I mean
I can't get exact voice while listening  to opus files. Some of the files
are in low volume and some files are having rise and fall in volume.

Please suggest how to maintain same volume through out all the file. I
think that to maintain same volume there are some DSPs like volume
normalization, replay gain etc., in foobar, dbpoweramp. Are there any
filters or DSPs to remove noise in foobar, dbpoweramp while converting mp3
to speech files.
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