[opus] Query regarding use of Opus codec in Java Programming

Logan Stromberg loganstromberg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 05:24:46 UTC 2016


As far as I'm aware, you've got about 2 options:

- If you're on a desktop Java runtime you should be able to use JNI
bindings to call the native Opus lib. "jopus" on GitHub appears to provide
some you can start with. There's probably others. This would be the
lowest-cost solution, it's just not very portable.

- I have authored a pure C# port of Opus a few months ago and am in the
process of coercing that into a Java implementation. If you know a little
C# and are willing to put in a few days to convert some code pieces, I'd
really appreciate the help in getting my port finished.

- I recall someone on this mailing list was working on a Java
implementation of only the decoder. I'm guessing that's not ready yet

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