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Amit Ashara ashara.amit at gmail.com
Mon May 9 17:29:53 UTC 2016

Hello All,

When going through the Ogg format, I have a basic question. As per the RFC
the Ogg format encapsulates the logical stream. Now consider the scenario
where a raw mono stream is being encoded with Opus Codec. The stream is
48KHz and the length of the stream being encoded is worth 20ms of data.
This makes it 960 half words (considering 16 bit format). Now if the final
output is say 100 half words, then

First Packet shall have Header Type as BOS
All subsequent Packet (except last one_ shall have Header Type as
Last Packet shall have Header Type as EOS

Is this correct?

The Page Segment shall have the value as 1 since only one segment will be
available and the Segment Table will have the value 100 indicating that the
next 100 bytes are belonging to the same stream and is one encoded frame

Is this correct?

If the above is true then if the Page Segment has the value 20, then the
segment table shall look something like (assuming 100 half words is what is
encoded evry time)

100, Data.... 20 times before the next Page Segment is started!!!

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