[opus] [PATCH] Add Functions to Create Ambisonic Multistream Encoder

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Thu May 5 13:34:17 UTC 2016

Hi Michael,

Is there any reason you can't just use the generic multi-stream API,
i.e. opus_multistream_encoder_init() and give it the mapping you need?
This is how surround was originally done (in 1.0) and only got changed
when surround needed a more complex mapping and more data in the
encoder. If it turns out you need this kind of thing too, then yes we
would probably just want to extend the
opus_multistream_surround_encoder_*() calls since they already take a
family argument.



On 05/04/2016 06:24 PM, Michael Graczyk wrote:
> This patch adds top level functions to create an ambisonic multistream
> encoder. The implementation currently just calls the analogous
> surround sound functions with channel mapping 255 to create an encoder
> that bundles uncoupled streams. Forthcoming patches will actually set
> channel bitrate and other configuration.
> My main concern is that adding additional
> opus_multistream_*_encoder_create/init/get_size functions is
> unnecessary. Should we instead just add new channel mappings to
> opus_multistream_surround_encoder_*, despite the name?
> Thanks,
> Michael Graczyk
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