[opus] opus1.1.2's bug

铁驴 348853961 at qq.com
Thu Mar 24 06:13:53 UTC 2016

opus1.1.2's bug 

opus1.1.2's effect is poor in a set of parameters when processing a specific audio file. 
input file:data.pcm 
some changed parameters in  opus_demo.c is :use_vbr = 0; complexity = 0;        packet_loss_perc = 16. 
opus_demo.exe command line:voip ‪16000 1 17000‬-cbr -framesize 20  E:/data.pcm E:/dec_data.pcm 

if the bitrate_bps is changerd from 17000 to 16999,the result is better.It doesn't make sense. 
Hope to get your help. 
                                                                                 best  wishes 
                                                                                       Yan Li
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