[opus] recommended opus bitrate / opusenc setting for general?

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Mon Oct 26 05:53:57 PDT 2015

On 26/10/15 05:21, Mark Harris wrote:
>> Last but not least, since my purpose would be listening to music, is it
>> best to set the framesize to its maximum (60ms)?
>> And will this have any bad side effects, like on gapless playback or
>> so?
> Sizes larger than 20ms reduce encoder flexibility and are generally
> beneficial only at low bit rates, or when there is a large per-packet
> overhead (e.g. when transmitting via RTP).  For your use case 20ms
> (the default) is the most efficient.  Gapless playback works with any
> frame size.

My experience confirms this: for 96kbps, 60ms doesn't gain anything and
the resulting file is even slightly bigger. When encoding podcasts mono,
16kbps, 60ms have a bit of filesize advantage. I can't hear the quality
difference and the size advantage is so tiny (maybe 2-3%) that bothering
with framesize is actually pointless.

That said, I would consider that encoding 60ms frames could provide more
redundancy for the encoder for more compression, but that is not
currently the case. Too bad. Maybe in a future Opus release. This sounds
like a missed opportunity.

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