[opus] How to wrap Opus data in an Ogg stream?

Daniel Armyr daniel at armyr.se
Wed Oct 14 09:11:22 PDT 2015

Thanks for a very quick and very good answer. Let me just double-check one thing:

> To put multiple Ogg Opus packets in an Ogg page, all you need to do is
> start a new segment for each Ogg Opus packet.  There can be up to 255
> segments per page.  For details, see the Ogg specification:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3533

So do I understand it correctly that a decoder will interpret a page that contains multiple segments, each less than 255 bytes as a set of opus packages, each with the length determined by the specified segment length?

And just to be absolutely certain: If I happen to have opus packets that are more than 255 bytes long, will a decoder stitch together any segment that is of length 255 with whatever comes next and then decode this as a single opus packet?

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