[opus] Opus inband FEC performance with bursty loss?

raja gobi crowe_martin at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 19:46:45 PDT 2015

Hi all,
Newbie to the group.
Just started using Opus as part of a WebRTC project and amazed by the versatility of the codec. Great stuff!!!!
I have been trying to understand the performance of Opus inband FEC in the presence of bursty loss. Although I do not have exact characterization of the loss profile, we are seeing issues over WiFi. RTCP reports about 33% loss, but I am guessing a lot of it is burstly, lengthy drop outs as listeners are reporting drop outs in the audio.
My understanding of how in band FEC works and how it performs under different conditions is rudimentary. So, thought of asking the experts for help.

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