[opus] [RFC PATCHv2] Intrinsics/RTCD related fixes. Mostly x86.

Jonathan Lennox jonathan at vidyo.com
Fri Mar 13 16:05:52 PDT 2015

The patch only takes the existing Opus SSE code and moves it (out of header files, into C files) in order to make it possible to use it with RTCD.  There aren’t any changes to the code itself.

Improvements to the SSE code are very likely possible, but I think they should be contributed as a separate patch. This patch is too big already.

On Mar 12, 2015, at 4:24 PM, John Ridges <jridges at masque.com> wrote:

> Nit: in dual_inner_prod_sse, why not do both horizontal sums at the same 
> time? As in:
>     xsum1 = _mm_add_ps(_mm_movelh_ps(xsum1, xsum2), 
> _mm_movehl_ps(xsum2, xsum1));
>     xsum1 = _mm_add_ps(xsum1, _mm_shuffle_ps(xsum1, xsum1, 0xf5));
>     _mm_store_ss(xy1, xsum1);
>     _mm_store_ss(xy2, _mm_movehl_ps(xsum1, xsum1));
> --John
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