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Thu Feb 5 08:46:19 PST 2015

Is FEC supposed to work in NARROWBAND mode  (with maxaveragebitrate=12000; maxplaybackrate=8000 ) ?I am having some confusing results, it appears that FEC is enabled in the encoder, but the decoder cannot find any packet with FEC.

I am also wondering if this piece of code is correct (webrtc):
/* The following is to parse the LBRR flags. */  if (opus_packet_parse(payload, payload_length_bytes, NULL, frame_data,                        frame_sizes, NULL) < 0) {    return 0;  }
  if (frame_sizes[0] <= 1) {    return 0;  }
  for (n = 0; n < channels; n++) {    if (frame_data[0][0] & (0x80 >> ((n + 1) * (frames + 1) - 1)))      return 1;  }
Is this the way to detect is an Opus-encoded packet has FEC info about the previous packet ?
Does Opus support FEC n+2 too, like SILK ?
Thank you for this great codec!
Regards,Dragos Oancea

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