[opus] Icecast source client for Android with Opus support

Jordan Erickson jerickson at logicalnetworking.net
Sun Dec 6 20:02:19 PST 2015

I wanted to send out a little note to the Opus/Xiph list about my Kickstarter project for Cool Mic, an open source Icecast source client for Android (I hope it's not out of line that I do. I'm hoping to grab your attention for just a minute to tell you about it. For those also on the Icecast user list I apologize for the cross-post).

Cool Mic is an open-source Icecast 2.x source client. It uses your Android device's microphone to send live audio to Icecast. It uses Vorbis and with successful funding we'll be adding Opus support as well. There are other features we plan on implementing such as SSL support, a graphical VU meter (audio levels), alongside stabilizing the codebase and publishing it on Github and Google Play. We've got 11 days left and we're currently just above 1/3 funded.

A good portion of development for Cool Mic will be mutually beneficial to Icecast and related tools/libraries such as libshout.


I appreciate any support you may give to help get this awesome project off the ground. Thank you for your time!


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