[opus] mistake in documentation + a question

simon at lineapp.at simon at lineapp.at
Wed Apr 15 01:26:49 PDT 2015

Hey there,

first of all: you got a little mistake in you docs. The ctl “OPUS_GET_LAST_PACKET_DURATION(x)” ist listed in the Opus Encoder related ctls but actually is in the Decoder.

And then I got a short question. We are working on a low delay intercom System and I would like to Transfer additional Information in our packages. Most important: is it a silent packet (so we can drop it before Decoding if jitterbuffer is behind). Since you already process the Audio in the Encoder it would be an Overhead to do so on our own. Could you tell me where to best start in your sourcecode to get out information like this?

kind regards

Simon Osim
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