[opus] Regarding Opus Codec Input output file.

Sakharam Thorat sakharam.thorat at outlook.com
Mon Apr 13 05:29:10 PDT 2015

Hi All,

Need Help !

I am interested testing opus codec encoding decoding qaulity. for this have complied opus code codec from souce. After compiling i got opus_demo app.

for Encoding i followed below steps:
1) Reference file used music_orig.wav (http://www.opus-codec.org/examples/samples/music_orig.wav)
       Number of samples : 4358219 (90.8 s)  2015-04-13 10:40:07 UTC
       Sampling frequency: 48000 Hz
       Number of channels: 2 (16-bit integer)
    File name: music_orig.wav
    Header length: 44
    Sampling frequency: 48000
    No. samples: 4358219
    No. channels: 2
    Data type: integer16
    File byte order: little-endian
    Host byte order: little-endian
2) I encode this file using following command

./opus_demo -e voip 48000 2 16 music_orig.wav testcase30.opus

3) Then Decoded testcase30.opus using following command 

./opus_demo -d 48000 2  testcase30.opus testcase31.wav

4) My quality monitoring app not able to identify file type of "testcase31.wav" , gives following error.

AFfindType - Unknown audio file type
AFopnRead: Error opening input audio file "testcase31.wav"

Can some body please take look and verify that i have followed correct steps while encoding and decoding , else let know correct steps. 

If any body have quality testing related resouce , test cases, sample files, web links please share.

Best Regards,Sakharam Thorat. 		 	   		  
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