[opus] runtime reconfiguration of opusenc

Michael Mehari mmehari at intec.ugent.be
Mon Oct 6 00:17:53 PDT 2014

Hello All,

This is my first appearance to the opus mailing list. My name is Michael 
Mehari and i am a researcher at Ghent University mainly on cognitive 
radio networking. Recently i am working on a demo scenario on self 
adjustable wireless audio conferencing and i selected opus for the audio 
encoding and decoding part. specifically the applications (i.e opusenc 
and opusdec) from opus-tools are what i was looking for.

However, i have one problem when using the opusenc application. The 
input parameters are start time configurable but i was looking for 
realtime reconfiguration for example changing bitrate on the fly. With 
in the context of my demo scenario, a wireless audio conferencing works 
in a dynamic environment and the audio quality at the reciever end is 
impacted by the interference level on top of the (opus) encoding 
degradation. I have read so far that opus can adjust its bitrates 
seamlessly (i.e depending on the audio input) but i don't know if this 
functionality is exposed to the user. For example, is it possible to put 
"opusenc" with in an optimization framework such that it accepts 
configuration inputs (i.e. bitrate and framesize) from the framework 
during runtime?

I hope i make myself clear and please let me know if there exists such a 
thing or direct me how i can do it myself.

Thank you,

Michael Mehari
Department of Information Technology
Internet Based Communication Networks and Services (IBCN)
Ghent University - iMinds
Gaston Crommenlaan 8 (Bus 201), B-9050 Gent, Belgium
Mob: +32 476 38 49 07
Tel: +32 (0)9 33 13800
Fax: +32 (0)9 33 14899
E-mail: michael.mehari at intec.UGent.be
Web: www.ibcn.intec.UGent.be

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