[opus] How frequently should Opus Control Parameters be modified?

Amit Chowdhary amit.cho at directi.com
Mon May 12 22:36:54 PDT 2014

I am using Opus in a mobile VoIP client. I don’t intend to deliver 
audio beyond wide band but want to ensure the best possible quality 
even at low bandwidths and high packet loss rates. I am trying to 
feed RTCP information to opus, that is set its bit-rate and expected 
packet loss periodically. 

1) Any suggestions on how often I should change the bit-rate and 
expected packet loss, (maybe even lower the audio bandwidth if the 
bit-rate available is below the sweet-spot for WB)?

2) How is the codec's performance affected every time a control parameter 
such as bit-rate or audio bandwidth is changed? 
Would doing this every second or every five seconds be a good idea? 
Or should this be done rarely?

3) I would also like to know about complexity and what would be a good 
value on mobile devices. In my understanding a high complexity will add 
delay (latency) to the codec, will it have any other bad effect? 
Will this delay be device dependent? I will test these values but getting 
an estimate of a good value to use on mobile clients would be nice.


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