[opus] [PATCH 2/2] Make the arm2gnu.pl converter handle apple specific details

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Wed Mar 19 15:05:14 PDT 2014

Martin Storsjo wrote:
> +                    [AC_MSG_RESULT([yes]); ARM2GNU_PARAMS="-apple"],

I'd prefer --apple instead of -apple, but otherwise these patches both 
look good to me.

Does Apple have equivalent machinery to any of the pieces you disabled?
Those were:
- object size calculations so debuggers can tell what function they're in
- architecture flags so an executable that gets linked with this object 
doesn't get tagged as requiring a later architecture than it really does 
(thanks to our runtime detection)
- the non-executable stack flags

Not insisting you add all those things in this patch if there is some 
way to do them, but it would be nice to know if they're impossible to 
do, unnecessary, or simply unimplemented for now.

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