[opus] [ARM][FFT][NEON] Integrate Ne10 into Opus?

Phil Wang phil.wang at arm.com
Wed Dec 10 03:01:54 PST 2014

Hi everyone,


I am working on Ne10 project. Ne10 provides NEON optimized FFT routines that
are much faster (compared to those without NEON), on most ARMv7-A and all
ARMv8-A devices. How about integrate it into Opus?

I am not familiar with configure script, but I find "Optinal Packages" in
it.  If we provides --with-ne10-fft option, the one extra thing that users
need to do is to indicate where libne10 is, right? Is there any 3rd package
already enabled in Opus?

Or can we follow the pattern where celt_pitch_xcorr_arm is optimized? We can
include a few source files from Ne10, put them under celt/arm directory.


Best Regards,

Phil Wang

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