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Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Mon Dec 29 12:12:43 PST 2014

Hi Frank,

The amount of RAM that Opus requires depends on several factors:
1) Whether you're encoding and/or decoding
2) The number of channels
3) Whether you built as fixed-point or float (I assume fixed-point)
4) If you're encoding, it further depends on the mode you're using

In all cases, the RAM requirements are split between the "state" that
needs to be preserved across calls to the encoder or decoder, and the
stack that it only needed during a call.

For example, a fixed-point stereo decoder state takes about 25 kB to
hold, and IIRC the actual decoding takes about 8 kB of stack. Expect the
encoder to take more RAM though.



On 29/12/14 02:43 PM, Frank Bösing wrote:
> Hi,
> i've ported some codecs to Arduino / Teensy. It's an Cortex-M4 with 64KB 
> RAM from Kinetis
> Now I have discovered this wonderful codec. I would like to port it, but first I need to know what is the RAM usage ?.
> Is it constant ?
> I have previously ported FLAC and know that FLAC need more memory than MP3 or AAC (framesizes of 4096 bytes or more).
> Regards, Frank
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