[opus] Drag-and-drop encode/decode applets for Mac OS

Curt Wiederhoeft curtw_mi at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 26 11:36:59 PDT 2014


I’m new here, and not really a developer, but I’ve been wanting to work on my Applescript skills. I figured the best way to do that would be to create utilities that other people might find useful (or useless). So I contacted Timothy Terriberry last week to ask if it would be appropriate to throw my crap out in front of you all, and he told me to go ahead.

In that spirit, I’ve created a pair of drag-and drop Mac applets for opus. You can find them at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mv4ss065bs2t136/AAAdACkETEeG8GDGw6zbDa5Ra?dl=0

Current capabilities/limitations:
Drag-and-drop a file or batch of files to encode to decode (ignores case on WAV/wav)
Assumes that the “opus-tools-0.1.9-macos” folder has been unzipped to /Applications/Utilities, and ONLY looks for it there.
Performs the encode/decode using only the default arguments
Uses the same base file name for output; only changes the extension
Sends output files to the same directory as the input files

And, of course, I’m taking suggestions for improvements, prioritization and implementation of upgrades, including:
Elimination of the limitations above (including saving of preferences for option arguments)
similar Applet for opusinfo
Status/progress/error logging to screen
Ability to handle folders and sub-folders
Check for new versions of opus tools
Adding a custom icon

You can always open them in the script editor yourself to be sure there’s no malicious code. I’ve tried to make these initial ones as simple as possible.



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