[opus] 1276 Bytes returned by opus_encode

Jan Homann jh at janhomann.de
Tue Apr 29 11:51:23 PDT 2014

Hi all,

i try to set up something like a mixer and soundbridge.
There are several sender clients which sends opus encoded audiostreams.
One basestation is decoding the streams and mixing them all together.
After that, the resulting stream is encoded with opus again and send to
one or two receiving clients.
Opus is set up to encode 10ms packets in stereo with 16bit per sample
and 44kHz. So, decoded to pcm-bytes there are 1920 bytes for each
packet. Encoded with opus i get 50-70 bytes which is a really cool rate.
Now there is a strange behaviour in the basestation. The opus-data is
decoded correctly and the mixing is done quite well but after that, when
in some cases opus_encode returns 1276 bytes. If i recall opus_encode
immediatly it returns 50-70 bytes.
I doublechecked all the variables, types, settings and timings but i am
unable to find any difference to the encoding on the sender clients
where this behaviour does not occur.

Maybe someone of you already encountered the 1276 bytes returnvalue of
opus_encode and can help my with some advice?

Any hints would be kindly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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