[opus] Problem compiling opus-tools-0.1.7

bat guano batguano999 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:28:33 PDT 2013

>I think you're missing -lm (the math library) when linking. There are some LIBM related changes in the git history
>so this might have already been solved since 0.1.7
opus-tools-0.1.7 has compiled OK now with Peppermint Three OS...
with this configure:-
./configure LIBS=-lm

  :-) ----> http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Vj6KCW3X

But I don't think this has been fixed in git yet.
With the Peppermint OS, opus-tools from git also fails unless I use:-
./configure LIBS=-lm

If somebody will fix it in git, I will be happy to test it again. 


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