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Fri Sep 20 15:26:17 PDT 2013

Hi ,

I am trying to  optimize OPUS codec to TI compiler C64XX in CCS. I have
created the make file and compiled the code in optlevel = 3. The MIPS are
pretty high(99 MIPS for 8Khz stereo) for LFE channels and the most MIPS
intensive function is the silk_noise_shape_quantizer_del_dec() function.
1. I am trying to convert this entire function to assembly. I have tried to
incoporate .asm file but I get linking error  as shown below

undefined     first referenced
  symbol           in file
 ---------     ----------------
 _celt_fir_asm vocalopus.lib<celt_lpc.obj>

I have added the files in celt_sources.mk . But they are not getting
compiled at all. Has any one had the same behavior. If so could you please
help me.

2. I also know TI compiler is very efficient , I would like to know if
writing assembly code with help in any way.

Thanks and Regards,
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