[opus] Regarding stack usage in Opus

Rhishikesh Agashe Rhishikesh.Agashe at imgtec.com
Thu Sep 19 22:29:50 PDT 2013


We have observed that the stack usage in Opus Encoder/Decoder is enormous(50-60Kb approx). As we all know, in embedded systems, high stack usage is discouraged.
How are we planning to take care of that?

One idea is to allocate the required memory on heap and pass it on as an argument to the main Opus API and allocate the internal buffers used by the internal modules on the allocated buffer. This is currently not supported on Opus.

I believe, Opus is going to be a part of Android in the near future and since Android is meant for Embedded domain, I just thought of raising this issue.

I am new to this group, hence if this has already been discussed, please point me to the correct mailing list.

Thanks and Regards,

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