[opus] Opus now supported at Magnatune

John Buckman john at magnatune.com
Wed Sep 18 16:45:50 PDT 2013

This seemed to be the best place to let you guys know....

Magnatune.com's entire catalog is now downloadable in Opus format, with full metadata (small and large cover art) at 128k stereo.

A few comments:

1) I'm really impressed by your metadata implementation. It's very cleanly done, and the multiple artwork idea is fantastic.  One suggestion: I couldn't find an example in the man pages or online of including album art in an .opus file, which would have been helpful.

2) on the metadata topic, it'd be great if multiple Genre commands were allowed.  No other format has enabled this, but much music spans multiple genres, ether with a main-genre/subgenre split, or literally across two genres.  Ie: "Latin Music/Tango" or "Classical/Baroque"

3) audio quality is spectacular, and I assume that opus is doing something tricky with stereo compression to achieve such fidelity at this bitrate. Encoding speed was very good, with 1600 albums encoded in 24h on a not-very-modern machine.

4) In case you don't know Magnatune, we're an open-source friendly music collection, DRM free, offering unlimited downloading for members in various formats (mp3/wav/alac/flac/ogg/opus), with Creative Commons licensing applied to members' files as well.  Linux users account for 29% of our daily traffic.

I blogged about this to my user base (28,000 people on my newsletter) and noted that the VLC playback of opus is flawless:

I'd be happy to provide audio files to the project under CC terms, if they could help you demo/show off the quality of your work.


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