[opus] Need info on optimizing Opus code for a particular core/processor

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Wed Sep 11 10:21:21 PDT 2013

On 13-09-11 3:56 AM, Rhishikesh Agashe wrote:

> I am new to the Opus community.


> I intend to optimize Opus encoder/decoder for MIPS and commit the changes
> to the Opus repository for it be included in Android.

I would recommend developing your optimizations against git master from
https://git.xiph.org/opus.git. We're in beta for the first 1.1 release,
and the master branch has significant algorithmic optimizations over the
1.0.x releases. This is the upstream repository for other opus users and
landing your patches there is the best get review from the reference
implementation authors and ensure wide adoption.

When you've developed patches you can either submit them here for
discussion or (better) upload them to https://review.xiph.org/ Let me
know when you're ready to submit and I can make you an account.

I note that AOSP doesn't have native Opus support yet, so if you want
your code in android you'll also need to submit support there. I would
encourage you to do so.


Please ask if you have questions, either here or in the #opus channel on


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